Doujin music compilation for the world

showdo compilation is a project aimed at introducing japanese doujin music to people outside of Japan.
This time 36 doujin music circles got together for this project and 3 compilation albums were produced as its first releases.
Each album contains 12 songs from different circles with different musical backgrounds. Hope you enjoy.

How to buy this CDs?

These CDs are distributed and sold at our online store "showdo online" now. Please visit our online store and check it out!! and if you interest in our project, please check and our Facebook page and please follow our twitter account.

This product is not importable to Japan.

This compilation is made for spreading doujin music to people outside of Japan and is made up with songs selected by each artists' own as their representations.

All songs were recorded in each artists' old works which is available in Japan. I want you to support those artists if you are in Japan by buying their CDs and you can also make a contact with them via showdo records if you wish.

This is really the way of doujin.

We would like to lay much emphasis on the fact that every production including the songs and artworks are produced by each artists themselves.

Each songs are chosen from their discographies just for this project, people outside of Japan.

They must have imagined to be heard by foreigners and have considered which song of them would represents theirselves when it was brought overseas.

This is really the way of doujin, an independent creation. This project couldn't be realized without these great commitment. We would like to show great gratitude to the great musicians.

For the next generation of doujin and us.

I want you people, especially those who like Japanese pop cultures, to know doujin culture and want to see doujin creations produced by foreigners with their background and insight to this culture.

I want to make a connection between us and get this culture more global and interesting because Otaku culture is not a monopoly of Japan and it shouldn't be like industrial goods consumed to the law of supply and demand though we are not against commercialism.

If you don't know about doujin, why don't you try some ?

What's Dojin?

Dojin (同人 dojin), often romanized as doujin, is a general Japanese term for a group of people or friends who share an interest, activity, hobbies, or achievement.

(quote from wikipedia)

DOUJIN(同人) is an independent fandom art scene under the influence by ANIME/MANGA/GAME/ cultures. The term "doujin" is originally derived from the Japanese author's societies in the literature scene in the Meiji period. Today, This word is mostly used among Otaku scene. For 同(DOU) means "SAME" and 人(JIN) means "PEOPLE", It could be said doujin is a word for people who share the same tastes or ideals about specific things and the doujin culture, in fact, consists of small groups of people like that.

They're called "doujin circles".

Doujin circles create varous things from comics and movies to review magazines and figure dolls. These products are basically non-official self-published works, which can be based on official products or completely original creations. They are mainly distributed at conventions called "doujin event" and COMIC MARKET is the biggest doujin event in the world. According to wikipedia, an annual research indicated that doujin industy sales $792 million in 2007. This number makes up 48% of the sales of the Otaku industry of the year. However, this information doesn't mean doujin is a profitable activitity. Most of the people in doujin circles have their jobs other than doujin and there are few who make their living by activities as doujin circles. It can be said doujin is a kind of uncommercial independent lifeworks of art.

Some people in the doujin culture create music. The music is called doujin music (同人音楽 doujin ongaku) and lots of CDs are produced by doujin music circles every year. We would like to introduce to you this interesting musical scene.

Firstly, doujin music is not a word which represents a specific musical genre. What made them interesting is the width of musical variations in this culture, for example pops, rock, electronica, metal and/or maybe punk. The only common characteristics is that most of them are much influenced by Otaku culture.

showdo records is ...

Hello, we're showdo records, an active musical label in Tokyo, Japan. Our activity is aimed at introducing Japanese doujin culture towards people abroad by distributing those musical products at Exhibitions and via upcoming online shop and offering information about doujin culture of today through writing articles.


The first reason why we started to run this project is a mail we got in English. I was running a doujin music circle then and I thought it was a spam or something trashy because we usually didn’t get mail from foreigner. what was written was, against my expectation, passionate and lovely comments about our CD and the mail is from an American guy who bought our CD at last comic market. I felt very impressed. I sent my reply immediately and we exchanged mails for a few days. He didn’t understand Japanese language but he showed love to our country and his eagerness for revisiting Japan.

According to what he wrote, It is difficult for foreign people to get doujin works. if he need doujin works, he has to buy expensive resell products, download them illegally or get air flight ticket for Japan and attend doujin event.

I felt sorry and unhealthy about this situation. Doujin culture is now better known over the sea than that of before. I think works have to be gotten by ones who need it. There are people from other country who love this cultures and things but there is no infrastructure supplying these things.

Since then, I had received contacts from some foreigners who need our CD. I always said “I can upload it for you if you needed.” but they wanted it in packaged CD. This made me touched as well. The data is not problem, the things matter. It is lovely prefernce, I think.

I heard from some Japanese music circles that they had mails from foreigners like us but they didn’t know how to answer it and had to ignore it against their will. As you see, we’re not very good at English as well. However we want to reward one who shows his passion, want to spread this cultures and want to be your friends.

This is the reason.

showdo(衝動) is the Japanese term which means “impulse”. We want to share with you this impulse toward this cultures.

To foreign artists who like anime, comics, game and doujin works.

Showdo records is always eager to deal your works and introduce them. If you want to distribute your works in the world including Japan through showdo records, please contact us.

showdo records

Circle introduction & Links

These compilations couldn't be realized without cooperations from those musical units.
Visit their website and touch the doujin music culture.


If you have interests into our activity or maybe want to support us,contact us for more detail. Any cooperation is welcomed and we're eager to deal with doujin creator in other countries.