Sorry for having been kept you waiting.
This time we’re announcing the detail of showdo’s attendance at JAPAN EXPO.

Though we had heard from EJC ,an agency of JE, we would have had the detail around June, it was later than our expectation when we got it. Also, Packing, the procedures for the shiping, and some complicated works busied us so much that we annouce this such late. We’re sorry about it.
Well, let’s get onto the main question.

Our booth number is “CK-23 in HALL6″ and the name on show is showdo records.
We would appriciate if you annouce this infomation publicly on your website,blog or maybe SNSs.

Also, we’ve opened a youtube channel on youtube to upload the video of our activities in Paris and face book account too. We’re gonna upload the other information including photos and videos and/or some crappy pieces of sxxt. Check it out !

In addition to it, we made up the list of doujin circles of this coexhibition. This is the most important to you, I guess.

That’s the announcement for today. the left are our present situation.

You know, this is the first time we attend JE and now I’m feeling how heavy the expence for it is. Honestly, it was higher on the amount and heavier than I had expected.

We are facing a big wall between France and here in Japan and problems we have to solve later. These things would be reported on this page when we finish this big mission.

I also report the processes to attend JE introducing our struggle. this must be needed information by future attending circle.

Only two weeks left until JE…
It would come harder and harder and this expectation make me sick.
However, we think this is significant first step toward world-wide dojin culture.
We’ll hang on it with little anxity and big hope.

Thanks to all, especially to the circles which understand and supported us a lot.

Peace to Japanese great doujin culture.

showdo records