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It’s been a long time since I uploaded the last post…again, because of the worst circumstance in internet-connection and …well it’s a silly excuse.

Finally, we’re now back in Japan, finishing 20days journey including attendance at Japan Expo ! It was really exciting and I can say our first attendance was totally suceeded ! We sold and handed almost all of the CDs to people in Europe, thankfully.

I firstly thought there was few people who know about doujin music and we would have had to take it easy but unexpectedly and thankfully, quite a few people came and show their interests into those CDs from the first day (thu). This surprised me. I assume it would have been thanks to the fact there were few booths which present many CDs except us and were only 2 booths, including us, presented by Japanese there. I could say we were lucky.

Setting ipads on our table as a trial-player was a nice idea too, because they took awhile listening to choose what they would take even though their first picking up was caused by the artworks. There was a french couple who took more than 30 minutes listening despite they had to stand in front of our booth during it. This was pleasant to me.

Also, the existence of people who supported us there was the biggest factor. I would, especially, like to appriciate FUBU, a nice spanish guy who supported CYCLICREDUNDUNCY( in its translating and CYRIL from LittleGeckoPictures(, a kind, wise and anime loving guy who,thankfully, offered his help to our future activity in France.

We will send mails to each circles and composers who presented CDs for us and notice the results including the sales.

We were talked by lots of people at Japan Expo. Surprisingly, some sponcors of certain anime conventions made contact with us, having had much interests into doujin music. Though they showed special offers for us, we were not able to reply good answer owing to their date coming close and our business situations (we’re only Japanese salary men).

To be honest, we took whole 2 months to collect those CDs and the shipping cost was nearly $3000(the most of it was taxes and customs). This must be a big wall keeping us from frequent attendance at foreign events but the local supports would help someway, I hope.

As well as selling most of the CDs, Making new connections and friendships were more pleasant to us.

Edo from circle DOKKUN
=> I didn’t know how his well-skilled japanese language came from but it became clear later that he was one of local presenters for a Japanese TV show called Waratte Koraete. Really, nice guy.

=> Japanese illustrator living in France who got some CDs and talked to us. The girls he draw is pop, also trippy and truly new age. I like his pictures a lot.

Chen from
=> A nice french guy who runs touhou online community called He already made doujin illust-book in collaboration with Japanese artists. I got a illust-book from him. Thanks a lot !

DJ pricesse connard
=> He is runnning vocaloid/touhou music label called PICHI PICHI UNDERGROUND RECORDS and is real doujin freak who dared come to Japan to get CDs. He even knew some composers from our products. Truly hardcore guy.

yoshimi KATAHIRA
=> A Japanese illustrator who residents in Paris and draws manga for CYRIL’s project. She thankfully talked to me in setting my booth in order on the 2nd day and helped us alot.

=> I was a fan of her drawing since several months before and I told FUBU about it, then he took her to our booth. FUBU was really cool.I got pin-badges with cute touhou illust. She was interested in drawing CD sleeve artwork and I’m seeking a good oppotunity to collaborate with her.

=> I still didn’t know much about him. He came often together with FUBU and was a nice guy too. Only I can tell is the fact of that West-Tee, who came with us from Japan on duty helping us, disappeared with Fubu and him, before I knew, in order to play around Japan Expo.

MR.Goze Laurent
=>tall french man who, maybe on the last day, took much time listening samples and bought lots of CDs from us. I was touched by his passionate cheering comments on our facebook page.I wish we could meet next year.

There were so many people we saw there that I cannot even introduce here.
FUBU,CYRIL and his wife Shuko-san, Tomo chan and Yoro(I don’t know the spell), Thanks for the great fun time.

…And I want to tell special thanks to these german guys.
Nici,Carina,Wernas,Sascha,Flo,Marie,Katty,Jenn,Basti,Emi and Rock’n’Roll Martin, Peace to you all, let’s meet again !

That’s it for today. This is just a quick information.

I would like to report what Japan Expo was like, the circumstance in doujin at there and also risks of attending from Japan. It must be taking much time to write. Please wait without much expectations.

Thanks, Gracias, Dziękuję, Merci, Danke, Arigatou.

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