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Today, we’re happy to announce that new product page has been released.
Those products are 3 compilation CDs which collect 36 songs (12 songs each) from different musical units in Japanese doujin culture.

Note: these products are available out of Japan only and the page is only in English.

showdo compilation TYPE:R
showdo compilation TYPE:G
showdo compilation TYPE:B

These 3 CDs will be distributed at Japan Expo 15th IMPACT during July 2nd to 6th.
The price is 6 euro each but you can get 3 euro discount for 3CDs complete set.
The crossfade demos are now available at the product page above.

Every song is the representative song chosen by the artists themselves from their discography so you can enjoy 36 songs with all different colors, backgrounds and tastes.
You surely could find your fabourite one in these CDs.
These are not sold in Japan for some reason but we’re very excited about the fact that these works would be heard by people from Europe and all other countries.

These disks are just the fruits of the wishes by the artists who understood our ideal and participated in this project.
We wish more people would know the existence of these CD and it is the most pleasant to us if you would share the introduction page.


Japan expo is in 2 weeks now but we’re still busy for our public works, private productions and preparations for upcoming travel.
In the last year, we got many excellent results that is the encounters with good folks who invited us this year, and knowing the fact how happy and hard to spread doujin culture to the overseas.
We’re gonna distribute the compilation CDs for this year, differently from those for the last year and are wondering how would it go and result though we don’t have time anyway.

We would like you to check our facebook page and twitter because we’re planning to post via those media the article of the atmosphere at Japan Expo and other crapy writings posted occasionally.


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