our friends

This time we annouce that our exhibition at Japan expo finished without any troubles,thanks to all people there who helped us.

Because this is the second time for us, we expected this attending would be easier than last year but it really were so busy as the last year. However, this time Cyril, our french friend, helped us a lot especially in linguistic support and also some support of logistics for us.

This help is the biggest factor of our attending.

We distributed around 450 CDs which is a little bigger than that of the last year, and talked with some people from press, who have interests into our activities and doujin music. Not as before, we could give them good answers to their offer with supports from Cyril. We think we got some nice oppotunities to spread doujin culture throuth this event.

Also, we sold some of our CDs at business booth as a consignment because one of exhibitor, thankfully, was interested in distributing our CDs at his booth.

I want to introduce Cyril to you later.

It was biggest pleasure that people who had got our CDs last year visited us this year again. Some of them asked us for new works of the artist we brought last time ^^.

There were also new encounter with creators there. We saw alternative game production in front of our booth, which is the first unit making sound novel game in France and the booth next to ours distributed arrange musical album for some Japanese games. They’re quite nice !! I felt new breath of an alternative culture is growing even there in Paris and much possibilities that we could do something together. We too saw some DIY cartoonists and illustrators there, who produced cool works that I really love. They’re influenced by Japanese manga but create very unique works filtered with their senses or views in value that we, Japanese cannot create or imagine and I was pleased that they offered me their signature and extra drawing on my book. I found this attitudes is very cool ! They’re so kind to us who cannot understand any french.

Finishing this event, we’re seeking new step for us to spread our activities like doing some collaborative works with artists in Paris or something that come out of our relationships with those. We’ll try our best anyway.

There are much more things I want to tell you but that’s it for today because it’s not easy to write many letters with ipad.

As the last of this post, I want to show the biggest gratitudes to those 35 artists who participated in our project this time. Without those understanding and support, we cannot attend Japan Expo and introduce doujin music to people in Paris.

I will be sending mails to those artists later for we’re thinking about some kind of debriefing session.


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