Firstly, I want to say hello to visitors from other countries.
We’re really glad that you found our website showdo records.

showdo records is a online store dealing in doujin music and some extra works
and this site is mostly aimed for people outside Japan.

*doujin music is a kind of music forms influenced by anime, game, otaku cultures.

The first reason why we started to run this site is a mail we got in English. I was running a doujin music circle then and I thought it was a spam or something trashy because we usually didn’t get mail from foreigner. what was written was, against my expectation, passionate and lovely comments about our CD and the mail is from an American guy who bought our CD at last comic market. I felt very impressed. I sent my reply immediately and we exchanged mails for a few days. He didn’t understand Japanese language but he showed love to our country and his eagerness for revisiting Japan.

According to what he wrote, It is difficult for foreign people to get doujin works. if he need doujin works, he has to buy expensive resell products, download them illegally or get air flight ticket for Japan and attend doujin event.

I felt sorry and unhealthy about this situation. Doujin culture is now better known over the sea than that of before. I think works have to be gotten by ones who need it. There are people from other country who love this cultures and things but there is no infrastructure supplying these things.

Since then, I had received contacts from some foreigners who need our CD. I always said “I can upload it for you if you needed.” but they wanted it in packaged CD. This made me touched as well. The data is not problem, the things matter. It is lovely prefernce, I think.

I heard from some Japanese music circles that they had mails from foreigners like us but they didn’t know how to answer it and had to ignore it against their will. As you see, we’re not very good at English as well. However we want to reward one who shows his passion, want to spread this cultures and want to be your friends.

This is the reason.

showdo is the Japanese term which means “impulse”. We want to share with you this impulse toward this cultures.

To foreign artists who like anime, comics, game and doujin works.

Showdo records is always eager to deal your works and introduce them. If you want to distribute your works in the world including Japan through showdo records, please contact us.

showdo records

doujin is independent fandom art scene influenced by ANIME/GAME/COMIC culture.

Its work form is multiple. Comic,novel,music,movie and etc are made by doujin people and are sometimes derivative for particular commercial major works.

Comic Market in Japan is well-known exhibition for doujin distribution.
To deal doujin music CDs which mostly are not in commercial supply chain.

To sell/distribute them on comission at domestic/foreign exhibitions

Mail-order international distribution in multilingualizated online store

To support domestic/foreign doujin circles in its production and distribution.

Takuya Oishi

Yukinobu Ida



    “About your circle”


    私達が主催しているPOPNESSSEIZETHEWORLDというサークル宛てに届けられたそのメッセージには我々のサークルの楽曲に対する感想 と共に、同人音楽というフィールドで活動する作家達が作るユニークな楽曲群に対する興味と、日本以外に住む彼らがそれを手にするということがいかに難しい かという内容で綴られていました。(実際、彼は多くのサークルにコンタクトを取るべくメッセージを送信したが、返信があったのは我々だけだったという事で した。)


    彼らは非常に積極的でした、音源を手に入れることをとても楽しみにしていました。そしてそれは僕達をもワクワクさせました。”同人音楽”という日本 のオタク文化から派生したカウンターカルチャーの一旦が彼らの心をワクワクさせる事ができたこと、そして自分達の作った楽曲が日本という枠を越えて海外で も「面白い」「かっこいい」「クールだ」と感じてもらえたこと、そして新たな興味と願望が僕らに沸きました―――。


    海外への発送は送料などが多くかかるため、コンタクトを取ってきた彼らには当初「我々の頒布物であればデータ形式で良ければ無料であげる」といいま したが、彼らは皆、一様に「CD音源が欲しいんだ」とあくまでCD(手に取れるモノ)として欲しいということを強調しました。私たちの音楽はとっくに youtubeや海外のアップローダーにアップされていますし、そしてそれは検索すれば出てきます。

    同人音楽の存在を海外にも広めるためのWEBSHOP/レコードレーベル showdo recordsを発足しました。

    – showdo records 一同 –

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    多言語・多国発送対応のWEBSHOP showdo online での海外/国内向け通信販売
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    大石卓矢 Takuya Oishi from POPNESSSEIZETHEWORLD
    “Don’t betray your dream!”

    井田如信 Yukinobu Ida from POPNESSSEIZETHEWORLD
    “Hardcore will never die , but you will.”
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